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Foodisch is a social dining marketplace that connects hungry adventurous eater and hobby chefs. Many of these meals are in cooks' homes or pop-up spaces with a social environment. For our cooks, Foodisch is the steppingstone. Upcoming chefs can grow and evolve from here. They can cook the food they want, expand their culinary horizon, personalize their meals, build an audience, all while monetizing their skills to fund their passion. We integrate to specific events talks, collaboration of artists and musical delights.
It’s a big family of food enthusiasts from all over the world. Food is not just a tool for nourishment - it’s much more, the intersection of nature, culture, health and history. All combined with a great company, delicious creative meals, music, talks, art. What to wish more for?
We expect a certain level of quality from our hosts, and we are working closely with our hosts to always improve the quality of our experiences. Almost anybody who knows how to cook can be an Foodisch host and share exciting dining experiences with others ! Few are professional chefs and many are passionate home-style cooks. The most important skill is that you know how to cook a delicious home cooked meal and have a home that is a suitable location to host events. You should also be open to sharing your story with your guests, as everyone has a story to share!
Many of our hosts have met with dozens, if not hundreds, of people from all over the world, and you can read many of the reviews on their pages. We also authenticate our hosts’ identities using their various profiles (Facebook/LinkedIn), Skype with them and we often meet them in person as well. If you have any lingering questions, they are more than happy to answer any questions.
Your safety, health and state of mind are our main priorities. We follow strict guidelines to make sure every food experience is safe and clean. In order to become an Foodisch host, there is a vetting process in place that helps us keep the experience as safe, delicious and authentic as possible for all of our guests. We vet every single host applicant on an individual basis. Each home and menu is reviewed and approved by Foodisch. We look at everything including the uniqueness of the space, the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the home, and the passion of the host. We'll pick the best events based on number of photos, quality of photos, and menu creativity. We hope you’ll participate!
No, not yet. We But we have a mobile optimized site, so you can visit the site on your mobile browser.
We expect our hosts to be punctual and considerate. Most of our local hosts reply to requests
within 24 hours, and we expect this level of responsibility.
As a host, you will not be able to cancel the event within 36 hours prior to the start time of the experience. This is to ensure that every guest is not taken by surprise and may plan ahead of time. If you must cancel within that time frame, you may contact Foodisch or contact the guest regarding a reschedule.
If the local host has to cancel their experience for whatever reason, guests are refunded in full.
As is standard for many online platforms (i.e. Airbnb, Eventbrite), we charge a processing fee which covers the transaction cost, tax, and tip for your seat. Foodisch's commission is 15% on top of what the host sets as their event price.
Invite friends : Your personal peer-group is the best place to start promoting your brand as an
Foodisch host. Have friends attend your events and leave reviews, which will go a long way.

Promote on social media : Share your event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Connect with food blogs & websites : Reach out to food writers and bloggers in your area. They
love hearing about new foodie trends and might be willing to promote your Foodisch event.

Join groups & forums : Discover food-related groups on Facebook and forums on ReddIt from
people in your area. Sharing your events there can help you get connected with the most
enthusiastic foodies.

Attend meetups : Many cities have events that bring chefs and foodies together. These are great
opportunities to make connections and promote your Foodisch event.

Create handouts : Have flyers and business cards on hand, so you can share them with people
wherever you are. You can also consider posting them at coffee shops and hostels as they
provide lots of visibility.

Follow up with guest s: Write your previous guests and invite them to your next event. If they had
a good time the first time round, they'll likely come back...maybe with new friends!
For existing hosts, we recommend scheduling your events at least two weeks in advance. This
gives guests time to discover and book your events.

For newer chefs, we’ve found that it is imperative to build a following. Most hosts do not fill all of
their first events unless they already have a strong following online and/or offline. Based on past
learnings, we recommend starting at a lower price, using a simple menu or signature dish, and
hosting dinners for small groups (2-4 people) regardless of minimum guest count to gain traction
and build your following. This will give people a taste of your chef style and likely give a good
review to attract guests for future events!
Yes, you are welcome to bring a guest to a meal your are attending as long as you purchase a seat to the
meal for them.
Standards of kindness, courtesy, and open-mindedness. Our rules are simple: respect the cook, the
property, no judgement, room for inclusiveness and be in the moment and interact with the guests.
Where is the joy in life without a taste of the finer things? Check our Mantras on About Us.
Do your best to be on time. We know that things happen, but we ask that you communicate with the
cook if you will be over 15 minutes late
For security reasons, as some of the chefs host in their homes, we do not publicly list the address of
where meals are being hosted on our site. Once you have booked your seat the address will be sent to
you in the confirmation email.
BYOB means “bring your own beverage”, which has an integrative and social effect. If your event
is BYOB, you may choose to bring a beverage of your choosing, but it’s totally optional.
The most common reasons your transaction may not go through could be due to incorrect credit
card number or expiration date, and/or insufficient funds.
Event prices on Foodisch are all-inclusive and set by the host. Another way to show your
appreciation is to write a nice review after the event, which will go a long way for hosts!
When a guest makes a booking request for one of your events, you will receive a notification
asking you to approve the request. To access this notification:

The notification will include a link to the guest's Foodisch profile. We encourage you to view the
guest's profile to see food preferences, likes and interests and reviews from other hosts and
guests in the Foodisch community.
We make payments through PayPal to our hosts twice a week. Additionally, if a guest does not
show up to your event, but has not cancelled his or her confirmed reservation, you will still get
paid the full amount.
Everything is paid for online prior to attending a meal as no money will be handled onsite at the event.
On each meal page under the meal name and price there are a series of icons including one for
special dietary requirements. Here the chef will list if the meal is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free,
We ask that you set a price based on the cost of ingredients and time spent cooking and
cleaning. Please consider your experience level, as well.
Of course! You can set clear expectations in your meal description.
Creating a Foodisch profile shows off your unique cooking and hosting style. Don’t be shy.
Divulge the details that make your food special.
When guests click the heart -shaped “Crave” button on your meals, it’s much like “Liking” a
Facebook post – they’re notifying you that they are interested in your meal. This is an indication
of how many are interested in your meal and may later purchase seats
When it’s time to go, you can politely wrap -up the event by thanking everyone for coming. If
you’re strict on your time-frame, it’s ok to stick to it. Or if the meal goes past the scheduled time,
and you’re fine with that – simply make a nod to the opportunity for people to stay and chat
We vet all of the chefs on the platform to make sure they are up to our standards of food quality.
Someone with many years of cooking experience (it doesn’t have to be in a professional capacity,
it can just be cooking for family/friends) and who feels comfortable hosting would be the qualities
we are searching for .
More questions? Drop us an email
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